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de·ci·sive (adj.) determined, beyond doubt, unmistakable, resolute.

com·mu·ni·ca·tions (n.) exchange of information; the art or technique of imparting ideas effectively.

   decisive communications

Decisive Communications is an online marketing firm providing web application development, web design for effective marketing, online business strategy, and email marketing.

DC specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses with real world budgets. Whether you need an ASP or ASP.NET web application tied into your business model, an XHTML/CSS standards compliant redesign, or a new opt-in email marketing program, you are in the the right place.

In the spotlight.

CSS Zen Garden Design

Honored by - design featured.
I am so pleased to be featured on the prestigious CSS Zen Garden site with my Accessibility Games design . The idea for this sprung out of the controversy around the Olympics website being inaccessible to disabled users, because of it's out dated coding techniques. They Olympic committee lost a pivotal lawsuit in Australia regarding this issue is the 2000 olympics. Things have not improved much. I wanted to show that modern CSS could be used to exactly reproduce their design. Read more about this at - Scott McDaniel personal website Blog - personal website of thoughts and musings.
I joined the Blogging ranks with a redesign of my personal website using the tasty open source WordPress blog software. It was so remarkably easy to set up and as well as powerful. I couldn't be more pleased.

Singles Marketplace icon

Singles Marketplace - Events application.
Singles Marketplace stages themed mix and mingle events for Denver Singles. Their old site didn't fit their fun image and they had a labor intensive manual system for updating their events calendar every week. We changed all that. Have a look.

Mr. Right Magnet icon

Mr. Right Magnet - Kelly Harrell coach and trainer.
Mr. Right Magnet is a Denver, Colorado-based coaching and training company dedicated to helping single women attract love and marriage. Kelly needed a friendly and approachable looking site to put her customers at ease.

Shopping cart, Back Office management, custom tools.

Mitchell Golf - Customized shopping cart.
Mitchell Golf needed a shopping cart system for several separate web sites, but they wanted to be able to manage them all from within a single back-end tool. We took the commercially available Comersus Cart and made it do just that. uses their web site to help underprivileged kids in Asia.

Child's Dream - Web application & rich newsletter tools.
Child's Dream brings help to underprivileged kids in South-East Asia. We helped them with a custom application that allows them to deliver news, updates, and surveys to their donor base.

Message center, forum, collaborative calendar.

Catalyst- Messaging & calendar application.
Catalyst Inc., Rocky Mountain reps for Mountain Hardwear™ outdoor equipment, needed a secure communication center for their road warriors to keep tabs on the who's, when's, & where's.

ASP email marketing application to include in your websites

Built-In® - ASP campaign email marketing tool.
Do have an email marketing program integrated into your website? Are you a developer looking for an up-sell to your own clients? Well, why not? Check out our FREE or Pro versions of the Built-In™ mail tool today.

CSS and xHTML web design for Introductions - Personalized match making in Denver and Boulder, Colorado

Introductions Matchmaking - “Look ma' no <tables>!”
Introductions is the premier matchmaking service of Denver, Colorado. They needed a clean quick site that would be easy for Search Engines to crawl and but maintain an enticing design. We employed entirely CSS controlled design that's still sexy without a singe <table> anywhere!

Backcountry telemark ski party in the San Juan Colorado Mountains - Not just for farm girls anymore.
A site just for fun of it. We use this site to help friends organize a yearly ski party in the backcountry of the San Juan Mountains outside Silverton, Colorado. When 70+ guests come in and out over the course of a week, keeping track of schedules can be a bear. This tool takes the bite out.

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